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Comunity Policies


Sustainable Development
Comunity Policies

Being an integral part of the community, we recognize and act on our responsibilities. We work with communities to develop and nurture positive relationships built on mutual understanding and respect. Building these long-term partnerships in essential for our business success.

  • To achieve this we follow the following mantras:
  • Value & Respect for Human Rights
  • Open & transparent manner
  • Respect Cultural Diversity
  • Protect Cultural Heritage
  • Operate within the framework of the legal & social obligations
  • Give some thing back in return to the society

As we invest in exploration, development, production and closure we involve consultation with local communities, government authorities and other organizations. We also :

  • Encourage and support community development
  • Encourage and support initiatives to enhance social benefits such as environment, health and education .
  • Identify and facilitate opportunities for employment, training and business relationships directly and through our contractors and suppliers.


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