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Sustainable Development
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Sustainable Development

Our objective is to make mineral discoveries which we can profitably and responsibly develop into producing mines. We undertake explorations, which includes more extensive surface sampling and geophysical analyses, and drilling programs to seek a resource and estimate its size and ore-grade. This process also includes evaluating the security of potential mining developments and our ability to do business successfully and responsibly.

We have a number of personnel whose job is to look after the safety, health and environment. We are fully aware of our environmental responsibilities as we always face environmental management challenges due to the speed at which our exploration projects and activities change and the diverse social, political, and physical environments in which they occur. Our Environment Policy therefore is based on:

  • Implementing standard environmental management procedures.
  • Gathering, understanding, managing, and maintaining information about legal and other environment-related obligations.
  • Pre-existing conditions Identifying and evaluating environmental and legal implications from previous disturbance of ground where we wish to explore.
  • Coordination with other business processes Integrating environmental planning, permit, and reclamation issues into other business processes including risk management, logistics, community affairs, and managing mineral properties.

The other challenges include balancing environmental, safety, and geological considerations in locating and constructing drill sites; managing erosion control; supervising contractors; accommodating heritage and archaeological considerations; managing reclamation costs by minimizing disturbance; and ensuring adequate re-contouring and revegetation. Challenges include human presence in remote areas proper camp design, including latrine and kitchen facilities.

Our need to continue developing environmental plans and management systems to meet these challenges led us to create a responsible global player in the world of mining.


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