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Sustainable Development
Health & Safety

At Bharat Mining safety and health policy are given utmost priorities. We aim to achieve the required safety culture by encouraging the right behaviors and implementing quality processes. We believe that the management's prime concern is to create a working environment that is conducive to safe performance together with an acceptance that 'accountability' for Safety and Health rests with every individual. We strives to develop a culture that supports its 'safety and health' value by encouraging behaviors and implementing processes that ensure the safety and health of all employees, contractors, customers and the communities associated with our operations.

We have a group of safety advisors and on site medical helpers to help in the Safety and Health related activities. We also conduct periodic check ups & medical assistances to our employees. Compliance with all the existing laws of the land and ensuring utmost care in terms of health & safety is another way of ensuring that we look after our employees well. We have in mind the following beliefs always:

  • Safety & Health before any business activity
  • Accidents / Injuries can be prevented on and off the job
  • Every individual is accountable for his / her safety / health
  • Every individual must identify, assess & manage hazards
  • Every individual would be trained & equipped to ensure a incident free working environment
  • Abiding by all legal legislations relating to health & safety standards
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