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Facts & Figures
Opportunities in India's Mining Sector

  • India has an estimated 123 billion tonnes of recoverable mineral reserves remaining to be exploited (excluding fuel, atomic and minor minerals). Besides coal, oil and gas reserves, the mineral inventory in India includes 13,000 deposits/prospects of 61 non-fuel minerals (including 4 of the minor minerals). Expenditure outlay on mining is a meagre sum when compared to other g markets and the investment gap is most likely to be covered by the private sector. India welcomes joint ventures between foreign and domestic partners to mobilise finances and technology and secure access to global markets.

  • Potential areas for exploration ventures include gold, diamond, copper, lead-zinc, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, lithium, tin, tungsten, silver, platinum group of metals and other rare metals, chromite and manganese ore, and fertilizer minerals.

  • The main opportunities in the mining sector (excluding coal and industrial minerals) are in the development and production of surplus commodities such as iron ore and bauxite, mica, potash, few low-grade ores, mining of small gold deposits, development of placer gold resources located on the frontal belt of the Himalayas, mining the known deposits of economic and marginal categories, such as base metals in Bihar and Rajasthan and exploitation of laterite for nickels in Orissa, Molybdenum in Tamil Nadu and tin in Haryana.

  • Considerable potential exists for setting up manufacturing units for value added products.

  • There exists considerable opportunities for future discoveries of sub-surface deposits with the application of modern techniques. Our need to continue developing environmental plans and management systems to meet these challenges led us to create a responsible global player in the world of mining.
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